The Charleston Shooting Response

Earlier this week I awoke to a tragedy – a blatant racist terrorist act. When I read the news of the Charleston Shooting I wept and prayed. What else could I do? I couldn’t do anything but cry. I stood in the shower begging God to comfort the victim’s families and to hold tightly to the ones who were murdered. I am so thankful that these nine people were loved and known by God and are with Him now.  I also prayed for the man who shot them. Jesus tells us to love our enemies, and what better way to love our enemies then to pray for their salvation. Only God can redeem this situation. Only God can deliver true justice. I prayed against the multiplication of hatred and terror. This was a violent act and violence and hatred can easily multiply when God is not involved, as we can see in our recent history.

What breaks my heart the most is I am not surprised by what happened. I am in no way ignorant of the racism and violence in our country. How can you not be aware? How can what happened the past year not tell you what this country has been all along? I think John Stewart said it correctly that ISIS and other terrorist groups will never be able to do the damage that we do to ourselves.

We are a broken nation who so desperately needs God to reconcile and redeem this nation.

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