Dope: A Slippery Slope

No, this isn’t a PSA, it’s a review on the film, Dope.


Malcolm is a 90s Hip Hop loving Geek living in The Bottoms, a neighborhood in Ingelwood, California. It’s his senior year and he has plans for Harvard, but before he turns in his Personal Statement Essay he still has some lessons to learn. A chance invitation gets him to a party which leads to a slippery slope leading to drugs, guns, and bitcoin, but ultimately, a dope essay.

This movie did a phenomenal job of balancing humor and gritty reality. It was clever. It was distinctly youthful. It was honest. At times I wanted to look away, and other times, I was laughing through my tears.

Overall, this movie has a statement — and just like Malcolm — it will not be defined by genre or the public. It’s distinctly its own balancing the contradictions and tensions that comes when living in a society made up of many cultures.

Watch it.

And yes, I will definitely be purchasing the CD soundtrack on Amazon. :p

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