#FitbyFirst: Day 1 – Why?

#FitbyFirst is a non-pretentious program created by Carlos Whittaker to help people keep their goals of living a healthier lifestyle. It’s like a jumpstart, re-do button, for those who made resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, etc. You can read his website for more information (I am having a hard time doing it justice).

Today is Day 1. It’s #FitbyFirst – the July 4th Edition. So watch out kids, this lady is going to be even more fit by July 4 weekend! HA-CHA! So that means this blog will have various posts responding to Whittaker’s questions and challenges.

Write 3 sentences of WHY you are doing this challenge

I am doing this challenge because I want to educate myself on how I can continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I made a commitment this year to change how I live my life, and so far, I have had great results. But I want to learn more. I want to meet others who are experiencing and choosing to make a difference in their own life and celebrate and grieve with them (because let’s face it, giving up old habits is hard!) and learn new ways to make better decisions. Also, I am not defined by being the chubby person — I am shedding the false identity — and I believe this program will help remind me to keep that ugly lie off of me.

Let’s do this!

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