Mismanaged Managed: Jeremiah 35

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The next sin that God is calling out against Israel is disobedience.

Israel has had repeated incidents of disobeying God. God has sent several prophets preaching to the people to repent from their sinful ways. There’s been some revivals and then there’s been some serious blaspheming happening. Jeremiah, unfortunately, has the position to tell the people to repent, but they didn’t listen, and now the consequences of their sins have arrived in the form of the conquering Babylons.

In this chapter God highlights Rechabites who have been faithful to their father’s words. They have abstained from drink and have lived a nomadic life. God points to them as an example of obedience and faithfulness. God will remember them.

There’s definitely defiance in my heart. I have a rebel streak, let me tell you. And the way my defiance is controlled is when I understand God’s authority. I need to remind myself who God is — His authority over me and the world and even His character — on a daily.  He doesn’t ask me to do things that are evil (that would go against his nature). He is good, right, and true. And it’s to remember what He has already done and what He is doing and what He will do that breaks this rebel of heart of mine and essentially heals it.

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