Let me tell you a story. It’s been nearly three months of working out. It hasn’t been perfect. There’s about a two-week stint in which I got sick and then was house sitting for various peoples and it completely threw off my rhythm, but three months nonetheless!

In these three months I have learned quite a lot and I am trying to blog about it to help myself remember and to spur on others toward living a more healthy lifestyle.

So, yesterday I touched my toes! Technically, only on my right foot, but still! I don’t remember when I could touch my toes! If anything, it was before the Presidential Fitness Test in grade school because I never passed those! I went 29 years of my life not touching my toes because I didn’t think I was capable, but really, I just lacked the discipline.

So, this is what I learned: it’s possible to do things you didn’t think you could; experience does not always equal reality — my experience was that I was not flexible and that it was impossible because of genetics, nurture, what have you — but the reality is it’s possible. I have been stretching every day for nearly three months to make it happen.

Sure, it’s just touching my toes, but it’s the little things – toe size little things – that inspire big things.

God, what’s next? (I’m really hoping my left foot. It’s a bit lonely.)

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