The Beginning of Something: Mismanaged Managed

I was talking with my roommate last night about how much work I’ve been doing as of late (I have two jobs). We shared about other’s in our lives who work even more than I do, and then he made a comment that stuck with me, [I am paraphrasing] “Yeah, but they aren’t Christian. They don’t spend time with God like we do. They aren’t studying the Bible, praying, going to church, ministries, etc. All of that takes up a lot of time.” And he’s right. It does take up a lot of time and I have mismanaged my time as of late.

So, I have made a commitment to God this week – spend every morning with Him. Yes, I hope it continues longer than a week, but I am the worst at keeping up with the pressure of expectations. I had aspirations of 5 a.m. but I didn’t get out of bed until 6:15 a.m., so I am hoping he can make the next hour last like a slow motion scene in Chariots of Fire.

Let’s manage this mismanagement, shall we?

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