The One About Friends & Paradigms

I love when my paradigm gets shifted. When the things I thought turn out to be wrong or just bigger than the narrow container I put them in. Slamming pre-conceived notions or realizing my own ignorance is a humbling experience that I actually really love. It may sound odd to some, but this continual humility allows for teachability. And I love being a student!

I hope that this quality of mine never leaves me and that pride or fear doesn’t suffocate it.

Why am I writing this? Because of a simple reason:  a vendor that I work with at my company, more specifically, a person I met two years ago, surprised me by his friendship. I have narrowly defined how I make friends, how I meet people, and who gets to influence my life in a friendship kind of way. Yes, I am a computer at times. And then I met this guy two years ago and we had a good conversation, like a really good conversation, that changed both of us. He e-mailed me this morning and I hadn’t talked to him in over two years — since that conversation — and it was like talking to an old friend. And I realized how much he influenced me by that single conversation, and I him.

I didn’t realize I had created this paradigm until him and I am happy it has changed and I look forward to meeting more friends in random places in the future.

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