The One About Vanity

Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

I never realized how insecure I was about my beauty, or rather how I defined beauty, until I cut my hair.

I had been growing my hair out since I graduated college in 2008. I had always envied women who had luscious hair that they would actually curl and whatnot. Though I never fully got to the point of actually curling my hair, I did find a lot of my sense of beauty from my hair.

And then this year happened. I had been thinking of my cutting my hair for awhile. Could I do it? Could I pull it off? I never thought I was so vain. And yet, it’s more than vanity.

Cutting my hair is a declaration.  I wanted to slap my insecurity in the face. I wanted to prove that yes, I could cut my hair short and I could still be beautiful. My hair doesn’t define my beauty or my worth. It’s just hair. It’s ornamental. So, I shaved those insecure bits off of me today.

So while I sit and stare in a mirror and question, what have I done? And glare at the bits of me that I don’t like  (ugh, my neck and why are my ears not twins?!), God reminds me that I am victorious —  I did something that I was afraid to do, and in that act, He reminded me that I am fearfully, wonderfully made.

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