As I have written in the past, I am on a getting-healthy, losing weight, touching my toes, type of journey.

It’s been six weeks so far and I thought I would update you on what I have learned so far.

One, Make it a habit.

Making something a habit is hard. It takes commitment. The special number is 21 days, right? Well, I’ve surpassed that! And I can see how it’s become my norm to exercise. It’s part of my daily routine. I have to exercise to take a shower (and I do love my showers!). I get up, go to the gym, workout, take a shower, and then go to work. It’s what I do. Even when I was working from home last week I found myself getting up and exercising and then getting to work.

Two, Create a regiment that isn’t too regimental.

I don’t like being contained. I like to break rules. I am a rebel at heart. So, when creating a workout plan I make it loose because I know I will want to break it and then just quit all together. So my schedule is seriously:

  • Monday – Elliptical, part of body, stretching
  • Tuesday – Elliptical, part of body, stretching
  • Wednesday – … you get the picture

Three, Eat something bad for you.

What? Aren’t you trying to lose weight and be healthier? Why would you ever eat something bad? Well, because I would give up if I deprived myself of sugary goodness. Yes, I have added veggies and fruits to my diet, but I still have my soda every now and then. It keeps me walking on this proverbial path.

Four, Tell people.

Yes, accountability is very important, but so is  sharing your journey with someone.  I keep my cousin in the know of what’s going on. She keeps me accountable by simply asking, ” How was the workout?” I love that. Yet, I also get to share with her my journey. I get to share with her how it hurts to laugh because I worked my abs the night before, and that’s definitely something new and different for me!

Five, Reward yourself.

Some people use food to reward themselves. I don’t do that because (1) it seems counterproductive and (2) I already let myself indulge. So! My rewards have been products to help me in my workout routines. I bought myself a fancy Contigo water bottle at my 1-month anniversary, I purchased the Sworkit app (I’ve been using the lite version) at my 6-week anniversary, and next on the list is a new sports bra (because holding my chest while running in place is just getting ridiculous!). I suppose I needed proof that I was committed before I invested my money, and so far, it has worked quite nicely.


So, there you have it. If you have any tips, please share in the comments below 🙂

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