Numbers and Necromancers

The Rules

  • One person shares their prompt idea
  • Write for 15 minutes
  • Share your unedited story
  • Others give their feedback
  •  Repeat process

The Prompt

An odd object found on the ground.

The repetitive nature of Bianca’s walk was always a comfort to her. She could count the steps from her office door to the train. 1,320. She could count the steps from the train stop to her front door.  792. She never liked to add them together because in her mind they were two separate journeys.

And Bianca loved her journeys. Each day was a new adventure filled with four sagas continuing day to day. Anything could happen. Pirates could land ashore at Lake Michigan, vampires could be lurking in the L Stations, and fairies could be frolicking in Palmer Square Park. And what made all of these things possible? The tales to true and to real, but also impossible and improbable to be told? The numbers.

The number of steps Bianca would take opened up the door to these worlds.

Bianca’s friends and family wouldn’t describe her as having any type of strange disorder because they simply did not know she entertained such fanciful thoughts of numbers and necromancers. If they would have known then maybe they would not have been so surprised to hear her fantastical tale of finding a Samurai sword in the snow.


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