This blog has been silent. My fingers have been silent. My mind has been silent.

I think winter got the best of me. I have lost all desire to do things. I just want to lay in my bed with my mound of blankets and watch Netflix, but this isn’t conducive to a creative person’s mind. It stifles me. It keeps me silent.

So, as I sit and write this blog I am protesting winter — my winter.

Laziness will not do!

My friend gave me a pen holder (see photo above) a couple of years ago and I keep it on my desk as a reminder on what

  • I love to do
  • I need to do

I have been looking at this pencil holder for the last 30 minutes pondering on my writing or lack thereof. I need to practice the art of discipline in my writing and this blog will be the avenue to get me there.

So, come on February. Let’s write.

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