Tonight is my last night of being 28.

I can pretty much summarize my last year with this picture:



Why do you ask that I use such a picture? Well, 28 was a victorious year. It was filled with life.

To have this make sense, I need to contrast it with year 27.

Yes, 2013 was a most difficult year.  The word of the year was death. Death as in dying to self — my old self, and death as in depression and suicide. There was a darkness that covered year 27. And then I came into year 28 and the word became life. Though last year was hard, I had to die to become the person that I am today.

I am far from perfect and not near where I want to be, but I am moving ever closer.

The Birthday List

I do a Birthday Bucket List each year. Usually on the eve of my birthday or the day of, I look over my list and thank God for all that I was able to do. These lists bring me so much joy and thankfulness.

Some of the Year 28 highlights include:

  • Read 28 books (favorites include: Ready Player One, Never Let me Go, Amazing Grace)
  • Host an event – Jane Austen party!
  • Go to New England (Boston!)
  • Go to the South (New Orleans!)
  • Eat a New Orlean’s Beignet
  • Open a new bank account, along with a savings account
  • Go on a date!
  • Buy an expensive dress
  • Transcribe Acts

Along with this list, I was able to experience traveling to many new states and visiting friends in their new homes; I received a promotion at work and learned so much about myself through the process; I found my voice, really — I learned to stand up for myself in all types of relationships; I moved into a new place with new roommates that I love so much; and most importantly, I am comfortable with who I am — I see myself more clearly and I see how God sees me.

What will 29 bring?

I am not sure how 29 will pan out (only God knows) but I did finish my 29 List.  Here’s some of my favorites:

  • Visit the UK
  • Finish my first draft of my novel
  • Read 29 books
  • Finish the Bible Study I am writing
  • No Starbucks for the year (excluding special locations, i.e., London!)
  • Get that Illinois license


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