The One About Ferguson

It’s incredibly hard to live in the already but not yet. To see the amazing grace that Jesus offers, the grace and compassion and equality and freedom found within the gospel, set within a broken world filled with power and corruption and inequality and slavery.

My heart breaks for the people whose voices go unnoticed. For those who whisper so quietly that their message is silenced by the majority. Or for those that scream with such rage that their message is silenced by fear or anger.

I will not pretend to completely understand what the people of Ferguson have experienced, but I can empathize. When God redeemed me, He gave me a new heart and it fiercely loves His creation.

I am thankful to live in a time when voices are heard. When I can go on Twitter and read and see for myself the truth. Though the loss of a son, a friend, a brother is great – I know Michael Brown’s death will not be in vain. Though there has been much destruction in the name of his death, there has also been a spotlight given for what has been happening this entire time. It’s not just Ferguson. It’s not just one community. This is a microcosm of the reality in which we find ourselves.

But there is hope and change is possible.

Instead of using this as our soap box to point fingers and offer divisive names, this is a time for us to pray for God’s justice to come; for us to love our brothers and sisters with action; to be peacemakers; to truly listen and to truly see our common humanity.

We need to remember that God sees our pain. God sees our brokenness. God sees our hatred, our anger, our hurt, our fear – He sees it all, and you know what? He loves us. He redeems us. He heals us.

So, I am sitting in this pain. I will not let it just be a story. I will sit in my room and cry. I will feel the pain that God feels when He sees His children in pain. I will let my heart break and I will fiercely love His people.

xx His Kingdom Come. xx

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