The One About the Designers

It’s the season to give.

While I’d like to pretend I am a super crafty person, I need to be honest with myself… I’m not. I can write a friend a charming letter but the card itself? Nah. No, thank you.

So, here’s my list of my favorite Creators/Designers who are making adorable items that could very well be your next gift.


I cannot gush enough about this company. I love their work. I recommend picking a 2015 Calendar for your friends (and definitely buy a copy for yourself!) 


I drool over their products. It can get a bit gross, but their art prints, notepads, and journals are just so drool-worthy!


This woman’s shop is “totes adorbs.” I also love her freebies! Any designer that offers me freebies is a friend of mine!


If you like crotchet items or patterns, I recommend this shop. I purchased a mustard headband from her and I cannot get enough compliments!


Okay, their state letterpresses are amazing. Get em. 

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