Writing Prompt #2

The Rules

  • One person shares their prompt idea
  • Write for 15 minutes
  • Share your unedited story
  • Others give their feedback
  • Repeat process

Prompt: A Different/Deeper Perspective

I have always felt so small and delicate in my world; like a bird whose lost its wings – I am stuck, never changing, always wanting to fly free, but forced to be observed and dictated too.

You see, I am the youngest of my sisters, and the only one who doesn’t remember our mother. They each have their stories to tell me about how beautiful, how gracious, how loving our mother was – and I cannot remember anything. I think they tell me these stories just to hurt me.  My father says they are jealous of me because I got the most of her even though I never knew her; He says I will carry her with me wherever I go and they have only memories.

I like to make up my own memories of her. I have a dimple in my left cheek that I know is hers and I love staring into a mirror and watch it disappear and then reappear every time I smile. I’d like to think if she were still alive we would spend hours making funny faces at one another until our bellies ached from the pain of joy. I don’t tell my sisters about this; no, they would only make fun of me. It is something that I only tell my best friend, Flounder.

Flounder keeps me grounded. He knows me the most and doesn’t look at me and sees someone else – he sees me, Ariel.

My father sees me and sees my mother. He wants to protect me from harm; to right his wrongs. He tells me that I am the last thing my mother ever gave him, and it is his duty to protect me.

But it’s hard being the youngest, and being the daughter of a king. He has absolute rule over my life. His rules are not just the law of the house but also of the land. Wherever he goes his oppression follows.

I need to leave. Get out. Go somewhere far away, above the sea where he cannot reach me. He doesn’t understand what his pain and regret does to me. I see it in his eyes every time he goes to punish me; He sees her staring back at him, and he remembers how he pushed her away. He forced her to leave – to swim closer to the burning sun.

He doesn’t know it yet, but I am planning my escape. I cannot take this any longer. I no longer want to be a daughter of a king and be told what to do; I don’t want to be the constant reminder of everyone’s past. I want my own life.


Read Writing Prompt #1.

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