The One About the Quotes

I love Instagram because it connects me to people I would have never known otherwise. Billy Jack Brawner is an example of this strange social connection via devices. He posted a quote yesterday from Toby Sumpter, another person I have come to learn about thanks to the interwebs, and I was just completely moved by it.

Persuasion is mysterious, frustrating, sometimes horrifying, but we live in the world God made. We live in the world He is telling. So we talk, we preach, we argue, we baptize, we sing, we laugh and drink and sleep and do it all again. And somehow, somehow God is here with us, in us, working through us, through the Word, through our feeble words, through our prayers, through water, broken bread, and shared wine, through dinner tables, candles, pies, through it all, and He draws us in. God is always free to suspend His normal rules. He can part the sea; He can speak through donkeys. But usually He uses His ordinary magic. He uses the magic of well reasoned arguments, the magic of friendship, the magic of hospitality. We can’t reduce any of these things to a formula, to an exhaustive list of ingredients, but we don’t need to and we don’t need to throw up our hands in despair or give up arguing or preaching or sharing or loving. This is because He is the One persuading all of us. He is the One who plays and sings and calls us home, and we come.

And then I read more of Toby’s blogs and I found this gem.

This is the difference between a culture of slaves and a culture of sons. Christianity, when the gospel of Jesus is openly proclaimed and embraced, produces cultures of sons. There is submission included in sonship, but it is not a mindless, reasonless, faceless submission. A son submits, but a son also asks questions. A son submits but grows up into maturity to become like his father. And the older he grows, the more he speaks, the more he asks, the more input he gives. It is not as though the Creator-Creature distinction will ever be obliterated, but somehow in the infinity of God’s being, there is room by design for His created children to grow more and more like Him as they are conformed to the image and likeness of His Eternal Son.

I love quotes that move me. That stir the spirit inside of me and causes me to reflect and worship.

xx Bless xx

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