The One About His Relentless Love

God, your love is relentless.

God, thank you for a community who loves, prays, and serves you. Thank you for friends, leadership, and roommates who desire Your Will.

God, you amaze me that you love me so much. That you love me – a sinful, broken woman. You want me better. You want to finish the work you promised. You stay true to your word. You stay true to who you are. You are incredibly dependable — something I need.

When I go through pain, when I go through trials, when I go through victories — you are there. You are there with me in your Spirit and you are there with me through your saints.

I’ve been in a lot of pain. I’ve been in an incredibly vulnerable position, and you have been relentless in your pursuit of me. Not only have you given me roommates who love you, but they also love me. We talk and pray and speak truth to one another. You have given me leaders who love me. Who sometimes literally chase after me! Who pray for me, hand me tissues, text me, call me, and let’s just repeat, pray for me.

Try as I might, I cannot escape you or your truth. You have a message. You have delivered it.

Thank you, Lord.

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