The One About the Impossible Weekend

This weekend I did two impossible things.


I am not mechanically inclined. I never played with Legos and I couldn’t tell you how things are put together. But I grew up with a dad who was a construction, later contractor, whose brain is far more mechanically inclined than mine.

I didn’t realize until this weekend how much my dad’s perfectionism for doing things right influenced me. I have put so much pressure on myself to put things together, like furniture, that I would inevitably break down in tears and give up.

Now I am 28 and on my own. I bought some Ikea furniture and I had to do it myself. Though it took me more hours than I want to admit, some tears, some curse words, and some mistakes, I finished it. My brain did it. Though I am not inclined to put things together, I was able to do something I never thought possible.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My friend Ramsey ran the Chicago marathon this weekend. He made it under four hours! It was his first time and he completely rocked it. He’s in my small group, so the group of us went down to surprise and support him in his run.

We didn’t plan how to get to the 12-mile marker. We planned to get downtown and then figure it out from there. Well, to get to the planned spot we needed to cross the street, which is impossible during a marathon. So, instead we figured out a new way using the River Walk, trespassing through a scary industrial area, walking past trucks and machinery that eventually led us to some stairs. These stairs had a rope telling us they were closed.

Well, little did we know that our group paved the way for over 70 people following close behind us as if we were the leaders (we had no idea what we were doing!). So, by this time we didn’t know where we were or how to get back, so we went under the rope and climbed the stairs. At about three stories high, we realized the top had a gate.

I am afraid of heights. I hate climbing things. I hate physical activity. I don’t trust my body. But peer pressure and the fear of losing my group encouraged me to climb the fence. Yes, a curse word was thrown when I saw how far the drop was if I made one wrong step. It felt like a movie — an apocalyptic movie in which we are running from zombies and we have to cross this fence — so, my friends helped me over, grabbing and pushing from both sides. I made it over and adrenaline shot through me and I had to hold back tears. I DID IT. I did the impossible!

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