Blogtober14 – Five Days in One Post!

I’ve been slacking on the blogtober challenge. Let me answer them in one fell swoop.

Best/Worst Halloween Experience…

Halloween isn’t a favorite holiday of mine. The idea of dressing up always stressed me out to the point that I usually “dressed up” as a college student (wore my campus sweater), a muggle, or a fox (I own a beanie that looks like a fox). I don’t have any memorable experiences of Halloween, except for dressing up as Bell from Beauty and the Beast. That was fun. Oh, and a random neighbor giving out money instead of candy and circling the neighborhood just to get another quarter. Hey, that was a lot of money as a kid.

I Never Thought Blogging Would…

Bring me closer to God.

If I Were President…

Hmm… it’s never really been an option for me. I know I would be praying all of the time and receiving advice from trusted advisers. But what I would actually do? My best. (See how I got around this answer? Maybe I should get into politics.)

Best Advice I’ve Been Given…

“Run to Jesus.” As simple as that may sound, it’s incredibly difficult to do but ultimately the best advice I’ve ever been given.

Favorite Fall Recipe…

I do a variation of this recipe:

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