The One About My Heart’s Sister

Telling someone’s story is incredibly difficult. There are so many facets to a person’s life. Not only are you telling who they were, who they are, but also where they are going. We all have our seasons in life that may be louder than others – sometimes we ignore, forget, and avoid the boring bits and focus on the big moments of our lives, but the quiet moments make up who we are just as much as the louder moments.

You know that person in your life that is so wholly connected to you that it’s hard to think of a time when they weren’t there? That’s my cousin Sandi. We grew up together not just as cousins but as best friends and as sisters. We went through our phases together and also a part. We spent years only seeing one another at family get-togethers and also years spent inseparable. We even spent some time living together in our early 20s.

I was a newer Christian when I moved in with her and her boyfriend, Rusty. I knew God brought me there for a reason. I knew that when I left that they would be changed. What I didn’t realize is how changed I would be after living with them.

Those months living together brought all three of us to places deeper than I could have ever imagined. Not only was I sharing Christ with them, but they were sharing Christ’s work in them with me. I got to see God move. I got to see lives changed.

How can I explain their story without sounding stereotypical or trite? They have a real relationship with God. The most real I’ve seen most people have. They wrestle with God. They argue. They stumble. They move forward. They heal. They break. They struggle. And through it all they are victorious.

Their love and devotion for God is inspiring. They are not afraid to go to the dark places with God and with others. They’re not afraid to tell their story because they know God will be glorified through it. They inspire me to love God more. They inspire me to be real with myself, others, and God.

There is no way that this blog could explain their full story. In fact, I don’t want it to because it’s still being written. I’ve experienced some of their loud moments:  baptism, wedding day, childbearing, etc.

But I got to also experience the best bits – the quiet moments. The moments that seemed banal but were actually the tether that binds us all together. They are the deep conversations you have at night that last for hours; the long text messages that last days; the studying of the Bible together and asking questions and finding answers; the venting of our frustrations with the church and the Christian life; and the prayers – especially, the prayers.

These are the stories that are most precious to me because they make up them, the Harrison clan, my family.

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2 thoughts on “The One About My Heart’s Sister

  1. God is good!!! His mercies replenish and His love covers all….It’s amazing to discover that as we allow Jesus to be Lord of our Life, that is the true freedom! Tawny, I love and treasure you and my sister sooooo much! Thank you for being the light in our lives! Love you dear cousin!!!


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