The One About Comanche Blood

It all started with a picture of my great grandfather, who I lovingly refer to as Great Grandpa No Hair. He won the lottery in California at some point and I tried googling about it. His name is rather generic, so nothing was coming up. So I decided to use my Great Grandma’s name, Wyval. It’s distinct. Barely anyone has this name. I clicked search and then hours of genealogical research ensued.

It All Began When…

I came upon a distant relative’s blog about our common ancestor.

His name was  Sotero Dave Cerday. He is my Great Great Great Grandpa.


He was part Comanche Indian and Irish. His mother, Quasso, was full blood Comanche Indian, and his father was an Irish Catholic Priest. Yes, scandalous.

The full story from my relatives blog…

Being an Indian back in the late eighteen hundreds was not a good thing especially if you were illegitimate.  You had no rights, your great grandfather (Dave Cerday) whose mother Quasso was full blood Comanche Indian. Her mother O-Hay-Yay had three girls.  Quasso, We-hi-quin-an also known as Tsi-win-in(spelled several different ways) and Per-dock-su.  Your great great grandmother is Quasso and your great great grandfather is an Irish Catholic Priest.  Quasso was a house keeper for the catholic priest.  Quasso later married a full blood Comanche.  They went to raid in Mexico and her husband was killed and Quasso and little Dave were captured by the Mexican Roque de la Cerdaz.  After being with the Mexican for about nine years his mother died about 1883 at San Pedro state of Coahuila Mexico.  Dave remained for about three more years until the Mexican became too abusive.  That is when he decided to go back to Oklahoma to find his mothers family.  If he had known he had to travel about two hundred miles just to get to the river to get back into Texas I doubt he would have made the trip. Dave worked many jobs trying to get  back to his mother’s people.  While working on the railroad he saw a band of Indians (your great grand father spoke quohada,penataka,noconee,kotchateka, yapparika as well as being literate in English and Spanish). This was his first encounter with Eschiti.  He spoke to him in quohada and they were able to communicate.  Eschiti spoke no English and did not wish to learn therefore Samuel Dave Cerday became his secretary  Around 1900 when it was certain the Indian land would open to the white settlers, Dave went to Washington to interpret for the Comanche, Kiowa and Apache.

He's in the middle!

This man did not let his background or upbringing detour him.

I have often thought here is an illegitimate baby born to a fourteen year old Comanche girl and a reprobate Irish Catholic priest yet somehow someway he managed to survive and become an educated man fluent in English and Spanish, eloquent in all Comanche dialects and able to communicate effectively in Kiowa and Apache.

Because Sotero de la Cerday was a product of our quaker heritage he made adjustments to other things besides the Z in Cerdaz to suit the reality of the times.  He adjusted the birth date so that Quasso would be a respectable eighteen year old when he was born and because people who were illegitimate could not have citizenship vote or hold public elective office and were labeled “bastards” by strict judgment society he conveniently decided that Roque de la Cerdaz would now become his birth father.

So, how is he related to me?

Let’s do this…

Dave Cerday married Ella (he actually had four wives). Ella was his second wife. She was born of white parents (Frank and Maudie Gover). They married in 1895 and had two children, Juanita and Frank. Unfortunately, they divorced and the children Juanita and Frank became wards of the state and attended Chilocco Indian School. Frank is my Great Great Grandpa. 

Frank then married Imma, and then had three kids: Wyval, William Dave, and Ester Jean. Wyval is my Great Grandma. 

Wyval married James Carlos Jones, and then had four kids: Patricia, Benjamin, Frankie Jean, and William. Patricia is my Grandma. 

Wyval and James and the fam bam
Wyval and James and the fam bam

Patricia married Walter Rodrick Jameson, and had three kids: James, Tracy, and Sheri. Tracy is my mom. 

Pat and Rod (my mom is in the middle)

Tracy married Robert Burgess and had three kids: Robert, David, and Tawny. I am Tawny.

Tracy and Bob ( – David, + Skhi, his daughter)

The Legacy

It’s strange to think that we are related. I wonder if I have anything of him in me. I would never know. It may not be my looks but it could as easily be my stubbornness.  I also think it’s fascinating that one man’s sin (this priest should not be having sex!) eventually led to me. God can redeem sin and use it glorify Him. Who knows generations later I would love and serve Jesus. Crazy.


This blog is really for my family. This blog is a record of our family, so that maybe one day someone will stumble upon (like I did this one) and learn more about who they are. I am hoping this post will be collaborative. Also, that I may get some more photos of family, and definitely get a proper one of mine. 

3 thoughts on “The One About Comanche Blood

  1. Hi Tawny, I guess you and I are related. I was doing some research and put my grandmother’s name into a search engine, Wyval Cerday Jones, and up popped your blog. Wow! I am Billie Ray Jones’ daughter. He was the son of James Carlos Jones and Wyval. So, I’m not sure what that makes us to eachother, but we are related.

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