Blogtober14 – Best Vacation

I think some of the best vacation stories need to two things: besties and road trips.

This is the one about a weekend getaway with my besties to Santa Barbara to see Mumford and Sons.

This trip was one of the best adventures. We stayed the night in a hotel near the beach, enjoyed an amazing show of Mumford and Sons, then decided to stay another day and drive up to Solvang. On the way we listened to Laura Marling as we drove through the winding roads of Central California. We were all experiencing really hard financial times but we made the best of this trip.


This is the one about the time my bestie and I drove all of Southern California (and a little bit of Central).

When my friend got the news I was moving to Chicago, she drove to California and we did a CA Farewell Tour. We drove to the places I had either never been or would desperately miss. It was a week and a half of traveling to Death Valley, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, etc.  It was a lovely trip of hellos and goodbyes.


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