Blogtober14 – 10 Things I’d Tell Myself

The question of today’s blog is: “10 Things You’d Tell Yourself Before You Started Blogging…”

Let me preface that I am not a professional blogger and I do not plan on becoming one. So, this question is probably best for other bloggers, such as Helene In Between.

But! I will still write some since I am doing this challenge.

  1. This is supposed to be fun. Don’t turn it into a burden.
  2. Write for yourself.
  3. Do you find this interesting? No. Then don’t write about it.
  4. Blogging has its own community. Don’t feel afraid to join in.
  5. This isn’t your job. This is your hobby. So, enjoy it.
  6. Post at least weekly.
  7. Did I mention this is supposed to be fun?
  8. Add photos!
  9. Your blog is public. Be kind to yourself and the future you.
  10. Just because nobody is reading it doesn’t mean it’s not important. Remember Tawny, you love writing for the sake of writing.

3 thoughts on “Blogtober14 – 10 Things I’d Tell Myself

  1. Haha you are so right. I look back on old posts and cringe. So embarrassingly negative or just plain ugly! Even if nobody reads it, you will go back one day and look at it again. Always make it the best you can!!


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