Blogtober2014 – If I Won the Lottery

If I won the lottery…

My dad plays the lottery every day. For years. He always says, “If you don’t play then you’ll never have a chance to win.” It’s true. And I don’t play. I hate giving money to something that doesn’t provide a quick and certain return.

BUT. If I did win the lottery…

I would first pay off all my student loan debt. I know, I am pragmatic.

Next, I would buy my parent’s a house and pay off all of their debt.

Then I would set aside money for my niece’s college fund, and also pay all of her private school tuition until she graduates.

I would buy my brother a house.

And I would also buy my cousin a house too. Why not!

If there is money left over, which to be honest, this is my fantasy so I could have as much money as I want, right? So! I would buy a home for myself, save quite a lot of it, and then! And then! Buy me and my friends and all-inclusive adventure. I am talking Europe, New Zealand, and wherever else people want to go.


Oh, and most importantly, I would tithe this money to my church. How amazing would that be? We could buy a building! (I see a house theme happening here…)

Yup, that’s what I would do.


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