The One About My Reflection

As I write this post I am stuck in a hotel, well actually, the District of Columbia.

I came to Washington for a conference and my flight has been canceled, twice. I was supposed to leave Friday and now it will be Sunday. I am making the best of it though.

Instead of traveling and seeing the sights (they’ve been seen by me many times), I’ve stayed in my hotel room. I ventured out earlier this morning, but for the past five hours I’ve been inside. I look a mess. Shower? Who needs one! Make up? It’s for suckers.

I decided to get some writing done on my book. It’s been awhile. I am listening to Damien Rice’s new song, I Don’t Want to Change You, and there is a mirror in front of me. For the most part I’ve been able to ignore myself because I am too busy looking at the screen or at my notes, but then my eye caught my left eyebrow comically perched.

And I smiled.

I smiled at the woman looking back at me. She’s beautiful. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not hitting on myself (though I do have some lines I’ve picked up recently)! I am actually shocked because I found myself beautiful.

I think for the most part we humans are our harshest critics. We only see the faults. We only see the wrinkles, the zits, the scars, the dark circles,  the greasy hairs…

And despite all of those faults, in that moment, I saw me.


So, Dear Reader, don’t be so hard on yourself.  You’re beautiful. Truly, truly, you are. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this truth. Sometimes we need to sit in front of a mirror and look at ourselves and simply see the beauty God created.


X Bless X

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