The One About Being Single

Singleness. We’ve all been there, right?

There’s been countless blogs on singleness. They each have their own unique voice. Some encompass the struggles, the heartache, or the loneliness, whilst others describe the freedom or the excitement of being single. I am familiar with them all. As the saying goes in my house, “All the feelings!”

As my third decade of life looms ever closer, I can’t help but feel all the feelings when it comes to singleness: the dread of living a life of singleness, the fear I will marry out of desperation (okay, not really), the gratitude of being single and spending my time and money on myself and passions, the freedom of making my own choices, or the deep desire to be loved by a man.

I am used to being the single one in my friend group. I am used to doing things on my own. I open my own door. (I open doors for others, actually.) I get my own food. I wait for others to go ahead of me to make sure everyone is safe. I do those things. And to be honest, I don’t want to do those things. I would love a man to open a door for me or watch me in a crowd to make sure I wasn’t left behind.

Part of this blog’s space will be used for my thoughts and experiences as a single person living in the city filled with tales of woe and tales of glee. This is just an introduction (a simple introduction at that). If you can relate to being single, please  follow me along, leave me a comment and tell your story, or just do what I do — skim blogs and think about letting them know I read it but never really doing it (admit it, it’s okay — this is a safe place).

Until next time…

X Bless X


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